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Financial Planning Services

At LCM Financial Planning, we believe that it is important to provide effective solutions that are specific to our client’s needs. One size does not fit all, so we offer options and alternatives that are right for you, your goals and your comfort zone. LCM provides a wide range of planning services that are designed to reduce your stress associated with:

Your Stress What we do to relieve your stress
What do I really want to get out of life? Clarifying Goals and Objectives
Where is my money going? Cash flow analysis
Am I really getting ahead in this life? Annual net worth review
When will I retire and how comfortable will I be? Retirement Income planning
How do I help my children/grandchildren become financially independent? Education planning
Are my hard earned savings being invested in the best way for me given my own "Greed vs. Fear" factors? Proactive Portfolio advice
How would my family or business survive if I could not work tomorrow or worse yet, wasn’t around at all? Risk management planning
How will my personal and business affairs be dealt with after I am gone? Estate planning